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Spring Torque Fixture assembly Spring Torque Fixture Spring Torque Fixture: The tooling ball rotates a set number of degrees to hit the stop, for the spring being tested. Spring Torque Fixture: Top view of the spring in place. Spring Torque Fixture: The entire central "piller" is adjustable to suit the operator using it. Spring Torque Fixture Spring Torque Fixture: The spring in place having its torque tested. Spring Torque Fixture: The torque meter has the "drill chuck" attached to it. Spring Torque Fixture: Showing the adustable stop so that if needed it can test other spring styles. Spring Torque Fixture: Pockets to store the accessories are built in to the base. Spring Torque Fixture: Showing the guage in place that sets the distance for the spring being tested. Spring Torque Fixture: The assembly drawing, with complete Bill of Materials. Spring Torque Fixture: Drawing of one of the parts. Spring Torque Fixture: Example of one of my drawings. Spring Torque Fixture Short Video: Click Here– Spring Torque Fixture Manual.pdf
Spring Torque Fixture
Double Dry Break Valve. Shuts off the flow from both ends if disconnected. BreakAway Valve: Designed to break apart in an emergency situation at 200 lbs of force. Cla-Val Pressure Balanced BreakAway Valve: Will not blow apart even under high pressure. Pressure Balanced Valve: High pressure won't force the two connecting units apart. Designed to be pressure balanced. Cla-Val Hot refueling of jets in action. Requires functional double-dry breakaway valves. Jets have caught fire previously from valves that weren't designed properly. A Ballast Valve for Navy ships. Stands about 3 feet tall.

Designed Ballast Valves for Ships

Complicated plastic injection part for Balboa Water: several dozen angled sketch planes with individual sketches to loft one to the other. The beginnings of the complicated plastic injection part below, for Balboa Water. Notice the loft planes to generate the shape. Plastic snap-together assembly to house hot running electrical items. Plastic Injection Part: Two of these boxes would snap together, then two large heat sinks would snap on top. EDITED- B Plastic Heat Sink Mount.PDF EDITED- B Elec Panel.PDF
Plastic Injection Parts
Swing Arm Assembly Device Radlink: Swing Arm Assembly Drawing Radlink: Swing Arm Assembly Radlink: Pusher drawing Radlink: Bracket drawing EDITED- R  Swing Arm-1.pdf
Swing Arm “Emergency Stop” Mechanism  Designed / Machined / Tested  by Mark Smith Fisnar Robotic Gel Dispensing System Tooling for Vacuum Chuck System
Valve Caddy: Holds 4 Nordson valves at same time, something (I was told) the robotic company had never done before. Vacuum Fixture Base: Had to get a 90 lb chunk of rawstock down to about 8 lbs. Gel Manifold Vacuum Chuck fixture: Weight restrictions- 40 lb rawstock, down to 3.5 lbs when done. Robotic Gel Dispense System: Does 12 Sensors in One Setup using a Fisnar robot with 4 Nordson valves.
Flowpath of a Preece Quick Disconnect Preece: QD with pressure relief Preece: Tube Inspection Fixture Preece: Ball valve for Navy. Drawing for Body is below. Ball valve for the Navy
High Pressure Quick Disconnects &  Hose Assemblies


Organized & Literate 0072 To Do List- for WWW.pdf
Orthofix: Proposal letter to develope a mechanism to remove stubborn screws from human bone. See my design to the left. EDITED- M Lens Go NoGo Gauge.PDF EDITED- M Old Style Lens Go-NoGo Gauge.PDF EDITED- M Linear Gauge Stand.PDF EDITED- B Power Cord PDF.PDF A micro-bending fixture for very small metal tubing. I designed it, and then built it. CoolJet Systems.

Hinged Swing Plate  

R- Shipping Crate Instructions-1.pdf

Custom Shipping Crate

Click to see the Instruction Manual for more details on this unique design.  

Valve Control Assembly via ProEngineer CAD.  CoolJet Systems
Misc. Items Pin Assembly Mechanism
A device to get all the Ø.030" connector pins of a very small electrical connector pulled to the same length. A-2 Tool Steel, heat treated, to acheive proper springiness. Double-Click to activate the 3D SolidWorks eDrawing Model
3D Printing

Two Piece Mold for soft silicone via 3D Printing Letters of Recommendation (Email me to request copies)
Aluminum Bronze pliers machined from scratch via Bridgeport Mill with rotary table. Sold to customer for $5,000 TRW:  Flight Hardware, thin wall and very detailed. Blueprint is below. TRW: Hinge Fitting- thin wall Flight Hardware, machined at a CNC mill programmed and run by myself.

Mat’l: 6061 Alum.

Req: Flat w/i .002”

Mat’l: Alum.

Req: Thin Wall w. No Warpage

Mat’l: 303 Stainless Steel

Method: Lathe & Mill

Mat’l: 304 Stainless Steel

Method: 3 Axis Lathe w. Live Tooling

Slide Hammer

Mat’l: 4140 Tool Steel

Method: Manual Lathe

Fixture: For Lathe to Drill Off-Center Hole in Part

Mat’l: Brass

Method: Deep Drawn Metal Stamping

Mat’l: Kovar

Req: Thin Walled & Flat w/i  .001”

Machining Experience


Sheet Metal EDITED- M Electrical Cover.PDF